Dream Big.

Solve Problems.

Change the World.


Make Enterprise Class Software that Scales

Simplifying full lifecyclefull stack development to help enterprises build digital systems at prototype speeds.


Bring your ideas to life and create software people love. From prototype to MVP to final product on a single platform.

Get your product to market quickly and scale from seedling to planetary scale with a simple, incremental roadmap.

End User Enterprises

Build the best custom applications for your business, with maximum focus on the business problem and less on the technical foundations.  

Easily integrate your apps with the rest of your enterprise ecosystem, with sophisticated integration workflows and APIs.

Software Consultancies

Quickly iterate on ideas with your customer and their users, get feedback and roll out changes as fast as they can change their mind.

Meet your delivery deadlines with ease and reliability, using a standardised software platform that reduces the risks, time and cost.

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The secret struggle of Digital Transformations

Building Software is hard.  Even for the best of us.  We share the pain.

Software has become essential to our everyday lives.

It runs our businesses, our social lives, our homes, even our health.

Never has it been easier to start a business & re-invent an industry.

So now, more than ever, businesses are betting their future on making really great software products that people love.

Unfortunately, this is really hard - and the industry still experiences failure more than it does success.

  Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Slow, Unreliable & Expensive to Change

  Missed Market Opportunity

  Distrusted Delivery Team

  Project Re-financing

  Missed Deadlines

  Project Re-Baselining

  Projects Closed Down

  Tactical Scope Reductions

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Complexity & Lack of Standardisation

  Myriad Development & Build Tools 

  Complicated Stack Integration

  Dependency Explosion

  Patchwork Design

  Spaghetti Architecture

  Data Strewn Everywhere

  Constantly Changing Requirements


  Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Mounting Technical Debt

  ‘Temporary’ Architectures

  No or Limited Test Suites

  Unpaid Technical Debt

  Not Scalable

  Limited Security

  Inflexible and Brittle

  Painful Upgrades & Migrations

We want software that just works

Start Fast.  Change and Iterate.  Scale for the World.

  Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Successful Projects

  Better business engagement

  Get to market faster

  Focus on Features

  Iterate Faster

  Reduced Costs

  Planning you can depend on

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Fast-to-Market Simplicity

  One Architecture

  One Method

  One Model

  One API

  One Runtime

  One Toolchain

  Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

High Quality Software

  From App to Enterprise

  From Prototype to Global Presence

  Service Based Components


  Event Driven

  Open & Standardised

The Platform for Making Enterprise Class Software that Scales

EnterpriseCore is in Development

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Full Stack

A complete end-to-end architecture for building Enterprise Applications.  

Front, Back, and Middle - it'll handle your data, UI and APIs - as well as integrate with other solutions.

Full Lifecycle

From idea to operations in a single platform.  Plan it, Design it, Build it, Deploy it, Run it, Support it.

Every Step is connected and integrated,  technically, conceptually and methodically.


Buy, Sell, Share all your Components and Applications with other EnterpriseCore users.  

Why build everything yourself, when you can use pre-built solutions?


We make the foundational plumbing of building software simple to use.

Simple to use fully web based interface and on-demand platform.


Change anything and everything, incrementally over time, without breaking compatibility.

Manage every version of every thing in your solution with ease and precision.


Rapidly create a prototype to test your idea with a few users, then scale it up globally.

Extend your application with as many services or UIs as you like - add Apps to your solution seamlessly.


Big Picture Planning

Agile Enterprise Architecture & Roadmaps

Planning your entire enterprise capabilities

Meta-Model and Methodology

No more guessing - one model, one method, done right

Transformation Iteration Planning

Incrementally change your complex Enterprise 


Turn Ideas into Reality

Web Based, Full Stack Developer Toolchain

Unified UI to diagram, code, build, test and package                

Automated CI & Packaging Engine

Take your code from source to deployable package                             

Live Runtime Service Debugging

Step through service processes in a live environment                  


Distributed Service Based Architecture

Sophisticated Modern Architecture 

Service Based, Event Driven, Distributed Topology               

Concurrent Versioning and Feature Testing

Dynamically invoke any version of any asset at runtime      

Seamless Online/Offline UI Experience

Offline Synchronisation for the UI                                              


Make sure it is always working

Runtime Deployment & Config Control

Manage all your deployment estate in one place                    

Activity & Event Monitoring

Capture and monitor all activity and events                               

Auto Healing, Synthetic Testing & Scaling

Automatically adapt the runtime based on activity events                  

EnterpriseCore is in Development

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