We want you to dream big.   
To go solve problems. 
And hopefully change the world for the better.

Never has it been easier to start a business and re-invent an entire industry. 

We want to empower everyone with the ability to do that for themselves, so that together we can build a future worth caring about.

I believe we can all be immensely inventive, and when empowered with modern technology we can do really meaningful things that change our world for the better.

I started writing software as a young boy in the 80s on an old Amstrad computer, and fell in love with the simple and direct way I could bring ideas to life.   

Software is no longer simple and direct, but it is increasingly more important to us, and we now spend more time just trying to get it to work than we do bringing new ideas to life.

Only when the technology becomes so natural it seems not to be there at all, will we be free to build our very best future.

I really believe, that together, with the right technology, lots of great ideas and a whole lot of purpose, we can make the future something worth caring about.

EnterpriseCore is a Software Platform for building Digital Enterprises of the future, so they can focus on creating products and services people love.

We specialise in making highly automated systems easy and effective for everyone, so that you can focus on creating really great products that power the future of Human Enterprise.

We do this because software has become essential to our everyday lives - it runs our businesses, our social lives, our homes, even our health. Never has it been easier to start a business and re-invent an industry. So now, more than ever, businesses old and new are betting their future on making really great software products that people love.

So, we're developing a Platform-as-a-Service offering supporting the complete lifecycle of designing, building, running and managing really great software. We’ll be launching in 2019, when you can sign up to use it instantly on our Public Cloud, or run it on your own Private Infrastructure.

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